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Starting Your Own Night Club

Starting Your Own Night Club

If you are thinking of opening your own night club in your neighborhood you should be warned as to the work that it requires to be successful. We decided to tackle this subject as most people our age look at a club making tons of money and think, “I can do this”. But the thing is, for every 1 successful night club there are 20 struggling to pay the head waitress. ¬†Take for example a popular strip club in Houston Texas called V Live Houston. These guys started from the bottom of the bottom and worked their way up through sheer determination. Now they are one of the more popular clubs in all of Houston. What was their secret? Planning. They new where they wanted to be and created a plan to get there. When you have a goal written out and broken into steps the sky is the limit.

Night Club Financing

This is the first thing anyone interested in started a club should start. Where do I get the money for this club? Not many banks will back you when it comes to starting things like clubs as banks know that they come and go quicker than any other business. So your best bet is to look for investors who are interested in getting into the night club niche. These are the people with the money to make things happen for you. Seek them out relentlessly and your first goal for finding funding will be accomplished.

Club Type

What type of club are you planning on creating. This is very important as smaller markets are set on the types of clubs that they require where bigger markets like Houston have a diverse mix of clubs as competition. You need to fill a niche no matter what you do. It makes no sense to start a strip club when there are 20 within a 30 mile radius. If you are looking to start a strip club that serves food it also makes no sense to have an Asian strip club in an African American neighborhood. Unless you found an untapped niche then by all means go for it!

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