Start Your Mall Food Court Restaurant

Since the creation of the shopping mall and it popularity in the 80’s, the mall food court has been the place to hang for millions of shoppers. Its no wonder that the food court in a popular shopping center is one of the most sought after pieces of real estate in the mall. Think about it, have you ever seen a restaurant in a food court go out of business? Probably not.  In all actuality, an entire mall goes out of business before a food court restaurant would close its doors. So why is this? Well its simple, people have to eat. They are walking around shopping for hours, why not stop by this pizza place to get a quick slice. It all boils down to convenience. It is a convenient solution for tired, thirsty and hungry shoppers. Here are some other reasons you should consider opening a mall or mall adjacent restaurant.


Guaranteed Revenue

Well guaranteed to an extent. The mall, if it is a popular one, will provide a steady stream of hungry people that want to eat your food. All you have to do is provide excellent service and delicious food and your money is guaranteed. There is a risk of complacency with some mall restaurants as the money comes in so steadily that they fall into a sort of relaxed position and tend to not provide the excellent service or food that is required of them. This is something you should avoid at all cost as the life blood of your restaurant is the customer. You should never forget that.

No Extra Cost To Maintain

This is true to an extent. The mall will charge you operating expenses to maintain the food court. This is minimal compared to having your own brick and mortar restaurant outside of the mall. Your expenses sky rocket if you have to shoulder them all. What you pay the mall goes to keeping the area you serve your customers in pristine condition.  This is something that should be considered if you intend to open a restaurant in the future.

The concept of the mall restaurant and the food court is an attractive one. You absolutely have to do no marketing outside of having something that looks good to the thousands of people that walk past your establishment a day. If you can provide great service along with delicious and appealing food you are almost guaranteed to succeed in a shopping mall.